Chancellor of Faryab University's message

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Mercifu



Acquiring knowledge and awareness throughout the vicissitudes of Afghanistan's history has been one of the most important and fundamental aspirations of fostering science and cultured people of this land. This land, in terms of honoring and valuing the status of knowledge, wisdom, intellectualizing, fostering knowledge and the importance of knowledge and thought among the science-lover and glorious people, had a high position and a proud history in the past; and the people of this country have played a vital role in the richness of human civilization and culture. Especially, in the post-Islamic period, an appropriate cultural and intellectual opportunity has emerged, the rich talent of the Afghan people has flourished, and Afghanistan along with other Islamic countries, became one the main centers of science and culture.


Today, the personality and value of human societies are evaluated as much as their scientific value, record of civilization, and cultural richness. And the field of education; Undoubtedly, is one of the most important and effective sectors in developing human resources, social and economic progress of any country and society, and therefore requires precise planning, strong leadership and management, strong and reliable budget and support.

Dear Precious Friends!

Producing knowledge with pure faith and commitment; is the main mission of Afghan University’s scientific members, especially scientific members and the administrative and service departments of Faryab University. In order to achieve this transcendental ideal, to create civilization and to provide high-quality educational service the spirit of science-oriented, contraption and expectancy must be dominant to society. Your effort to spread these scientific horizons in the country and universities are highly needed.

Considering the responsibilities of the University as the most important and main pillar of development and progress, and the most valuable tool to achieve cultural, economic, political independence, etc., emphasize and define enormous responsibilities to all academic and administrative members of universities. It seems that in this regard, Faryab University, considering the existing capacity and facilities, needs a stable determination to find its important and fundamental role in promoting the scientific, cultural and social atmosphere of society, and all these will not be possible to achieve without co-operation and help of all scientific professors,  administrative and service staffs and college students.

Therefore, we hope that each of us, as a member of this great family of science and knowledge, along with commitment, expertise, science and skills, can adorn ourselves with the ornament of culture and literature. With deep faith, lasting effort, firm and steadfast in the direction of learning science and knowledge we must adopt serious decision by equipping ourselves with the piety, commitment and responsibility, in the shine of educational policy and national politics, regional and international policies of the government, has taken great steps in achieving high development and progress through scientific and research activities.

One of the main aim of universities is to pay more attention to education and research field, God willing, we will try our best to effectively use from existing capacity, facilities, planning, Self-confidence and valuing time, and to provide suitable and worthy conditions for Faryab University.

I would like to pass my warm greetings to those students who have chosen this university to study, and I ask Almighty Allah to grant you the highest levels of knowledge along with health, success and happiness.


It is hoped that by the grace of Allah, you will redouble your efforts in refinement, self-improvement and gaining knowledge, and you will be a rare treasure of science and knowledge for the progress of the country in the future. In addition, I myself attempt and hope to spread and develop this scientific and educational university by stable co-operation and help of scientific professors and administrative members; and consultation and help of partners.



Senior Teaching Assistant (Pohanmal) Firoz Uzbek Karimi

Chancellor of Faryab University